All You Need to Know About OWASP ASVS

The OWASP ASVS is widely known across the cybersecurity paradigm as a detailed list of security requirements and guidelines which can be used by developers, architects, security experts, tests and even consumers to design, build and test highly secure applications.

OWASP Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities

Top 10 Web Application Security Risks

Broken Access Control
Cryptographic Failures
Insecure Design
Security Misconfiguration
Vulnerable and Outdated Components
Identification and Authentication Failures
Software and Data Integrity Failures
Security Logging and Monitoring Failures
Server-Side Request Forgery

Top 10 Mobile Application Security Risks

Improper Platform Usage
Insecure Data Storage
Insecure Communication
Insecure Authentication
Insufficient Cryptography
Insecure Authorization
Client Code Quality
Code Tampering
Reverse Engineering
Extraneous Functionality

Top 10 API Security Risks

Object Level Authorization
Broken User Authentication
Excessive Data Exposure
Lack of Resources & Rate Limiting
Broken Function Level Authorization
Mass Assignment
Security Misconfiguration
Improper Assets Management
Insufficient Logging & Monitoring

Advanced Security for Advanced Threat

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API & Web Services Penetration Testing
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